Module 2: Allergies and the Primary Care Practice

Learning Objectives

After completion of this online CME module, participants should be able to:

  1. Introduce the concept of allergy
  2. Review the immune response
  3. Discuss common physical manifestations of allergic disease
  4. Answer: is this allergy?
  5. Describe the role of patient history, allergy testing and examination in management of a patient presenting with symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  6. Discuss the classifications of allergic rhinitis.
  7. Understand pharmaceutical therapy for symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis.
  8. Know the allergen immunotherapy options.
  9. Explain the benefits of subcutaneous immunotherapy.
  10. Recognize a variety of skin testing techniques and how to perform them. 
  11. Know the difference between a positive and negative IgE mediated skin test and how to interpret the results. 
  12. Know which ingestants, inhalants and contactants are IgE mediated and will benefit from skin testing. 
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