The 4th Friday Preceptor Development Series provides regular programming for LMU-DCOM preceptors working with 3rd and 4th year students on clinical rotations. This monthly series of one-hour virtual sessions delivered over the noon hour is part of an initiative by LMU-DCOM to provide regular preceptor development programming to address ongoing preceptor needs.

Have you missed a previous program in the 4th Friday Preceptor Development Series? Click the video link below to watch the recording. CME credit is available for live sessions only.


Giving Negative Feedback | Originally presented live 5-17-24 | Presenter: Anne Marie C. Zeller, DO, MSc, CAQSM

Understanding Student Learning Styles | Originally presented live 4-19-24 | Presenter: Leah Snodgrass, MD

SOAP and Match Mentoring for Preceptors | Originally presented live 2-23-24 | Presenters: J. Michael Wieting, DO and Lisa Shelburne, MBA

Resolving Conflicts Panel Discussion | Originally presented live 1-26-24 | Presenters: Gina DeFranco, DO, Cassi Jones, DO, FACOI, and Leah Snodgrass, MD


Implicit Bias | Originally presented live 1-27-23 | Presenter: Jennifer Russomanno, DrPH


Tips for Precepting DO Students and Utilizing OMT | Originally presented live 12-14-22 | Presenter: Teanna Moore, DO

Achieving Balance and Avoiding Burnout | Originally presented live 11-4-22 | Presenter: Leah Snodgrass, MD

Teaching from the SOAP Note Part 1Teaching from the SOAP Note Part 2  | Originally presented live 10-7-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD

The Evaluation and Its Form | Originally presented live 9-9-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Writing a Letter of Recommendation | Originally presented live 8-12-22 | Presenter: Michael Wieting, DO

Introduction to Precepting | Originally presented live 7-15-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD

Time Management and Office Interaction With Students | Originally presented live 6-17-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Dealing With Difficult Learners | Originally presented live 5-20-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Setting Expectations and Giving Feedback | Originally presented live 4-22-22 | Presenter: Gina DeFranco, DO

Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating With Millennial and Gen Z Students | Originally presented live 3-25-22 | Presenter: Leah Snodgrass, MD

LMU-DCOM Training: How to Determine Your Student's Current Skills | Originally presented live 2-25-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD 

Introduction to Precepting | Originally presented live 1-28-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD