The 4th Friday Preceptor Development Series provides regular programming for LMU-DCOM preceptors working with 3rd and 4th year students on clinical rotations. This monthly series of one-hour virtual sessions delivered over the noon hour is part of an initiative by LMU-DCOM to provide regular preceptor development programming to address ongoing preceptor needs.

Have you missed a previous program in the 4th Friday Preceptor Development Series? Click the video link below to watch the recording. CME credit is available for live sessions only.


SOAP and Match Mentoring for Preceptors | Originally presented live 2-23-24 | Presenters: J. Michael Wieting, DO and Lisa Shelburne, MBA

Resolving Conflicts Panel Discussion | Originally presented live 1-26-24 | Presenters: Gina DeFranco, DO, Cassi Jones, DO, FACOI, and Leah Snodgrass, MD


Implicit Bias | Originally presented live 1-27-23 | Presenter: Jennifer Russomanno, DrPH


Tips for Precepting DO Students and Utilizing OMT | Originally presented live 12-14-22 | Presenter: Teanna Moore, DO

Achieving Balance and Avoiding Burnout | Originally presented live 11-4-22 | Presenter: Leah Snodgrass, MD

Teaching from the SOAP Note Part 1Teaching from the SOAP Note Part 2  | Originally presented live 10-7-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD

The Evaluation and Its Form | Originally presented live 9-9-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Writing a Letter of Recommendation | Originally presented live 8-12-22 | Presenter: Michael Wieting, DO

Introduction to Precepting | Originally presented live 7-15-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD

Time Management and Office Interaction With Students | Originally presented live 6-17-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Dealing With Difficult Learners | Originally presented live 5-20-22 | Presenter: Ava Stanczak, DO

Setting Expectations and Giving Feedback | Originally presented live 4-22-22 | Presenter: Gina DeFranco, DO

Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating With Millennial and Gen Z Students | Originally presented live 3-25-22 | Presenter: Leah Snodgrass, MD

LMU-DCOM Training: How to Determine Your Student's Current Skills | Originally presented live 2-25-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD 

Introduction to Precepting | Originally presented live 1-28-22 | Presenter: Danielle Darter, MD