Joint Sponsorship indicates activities that are jointly sponsored by LMU-DCOM Office of CME and a non-accredited organization including other colleges of Lincoln Memorial University, as well as outside organizations.

This Letter-of-Agreement is to confirm that:       (Non-accredited Sponsor Name)

is entering into a “Joint Sponsorship” relationship with Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM) Office of CME in order to develop the CME activity entitled:

(Program Title)  to be held in (Location) on (Date)

The Joint Sponsorship policy of LMU-DCOM Office of CME requires:

  1. that activities are consistent with the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Council on Continuing Medical Education (CCME) criteria and be met to the full satisfaction of the Office of CME;
  1. that LMU-DCOM Office of CME be informed about the logistics of the activity and provided with necessary documentation within identified time frames;
  1. that LMU-DCOM Office of CME be included in the activity planning process, and retains finalapproval rights or all program faculty and program content;
  1. that the marketing and materials for the activity are approved by LMU-DCOM Office of CME;
  1. that the CME program be approved by the LMU-DCOM Office of CME Advisory Committee;
  1. that the activity complies with LMU-DCOM’s Office of CME Policy on Full Disclosure;
  1. that all commercial support for the activity meets AOA Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education.  Although written agreements of commercial support may be signed by the non-accredited sponsor, LMU-DCOM Office of CME must be mentioned in those agreements as a joint sponsor of the activity.
  1. that all printed promotional materials/brochures/program documents contain the accreditation statement for joint sponsorship.

As a “partnership,” it is recognized and confirmed that both parties to this agreement have veto authority over every, and all, aspects of the CME activity. The accreditation responsibilities articulated herein, which LMU-DCOM Office of CME, as the accrediting entity, must uphold, cannot be transferred, delegated or compromised. Please indicate with your signature, on behalf of your organization, that the above provisions are understood and accepted as the basis of Joint Sponsorship with LMU-DCOM Office of CME.


                                                                                    Name of Joint Sponsor Representative


Patricia Stubenberg, MPH, PhD, CHCP CME Director                    ___________________  __________

                                                                                    Title of Representative    Date:

Date _______________________                              _______________________________