A live CME activity where the learner participates in person and which is planned on a one-by-one basis and designated for credit as a single activity.

  • Annual meeting
  • Conference
  • Seminar

Enduring Materials

CME activities that are printed, recorded, or accessible online and do not have a specific time or location designated for participation. Rather, the participation determines where and when to complete the activity. Enduring materials are Category 1-B AOA credit.

  • Online interactive educational module
  • Recorded presentations
  • Podcasts.

Regularly Scheduled Conferences (RSCs)

A course is identified as an RSC when it is planned to have 1) a series with multiple sessions that 2) occur on an ongoing basis (offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and 3) are primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization’s professional staff for Category 1-A AOA credit (e.g.,). All RSCs are considered one “activity” within which there may be several “series” each made up of several “sessions.” Each session of a RSC series must be planned, presented, and documented to be in compliance with accreditation standards.

  • Grand Rounds
  • Tumor Boards
  • Educational Lecture Series