To request a CME letter for precepting LMU-DCOM medical students, please complete the information below. Please allow 2-3 days for verification and receipt. Letters will be sent to you via email unless otherwise noted.

Continuing medical education credit is hour-by-hour credit. For example, if you work 40 hours (1 week of a clinical clerkship rotation), you can request 40 CME credit hours. You should only claim the number of hours you spent with the student.

If you are in a practice group and the student spent time with more than one physician, you cannot claim the same hours as another physician. For example, if there are four physicians in the practice, you can only claim a pro-rated portion of hours (40/4 = 10) per week.

Additionally, if you had two students during the same time period, you cannot claim double hours. For example, if you had two students for one week, you can only claim 40 hours (or the amount actually worked, not to exceed specified limitations).

Category 1-B credit for preceptors is submitted to AOA semiannually. A maximum of 60 AOA Category 1-B credits for faculty/preceptoring may be applied to the 120-hour requirements per CME cycle.